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Competitions are open to the Novice, Intermediate and Open Levels.
When entering the competition artists would enter:
    Event # - Division - Class - Level

The artist would also indicate if the item is for sale and the sale price and contact information.

Artwork MUST be ready to display. Paintings and photographs to be hung must be properly wired.  Click here to learn more about the acceptable wiring of paintings.. 

It was decided at the Sept 13 (2016) meeting that photographs do NOT need to be framed and under glass to be entered into the Reflections of Nature Show. Keep in mind that they will show better and a photo is better protected when properly framed behind glass.

They should have a matt and they must be properly mounted on to a backing. Velcro will be used to hang them on the boards. We have had problems with photographs falling and damaging the matts. A clamping system may have to be used to hang photographs not framed, ready to hang. 

Paintings done on canvas with finished sides are also accepted without a frame. They must be wired and ready to hang. 

We still accept framed pieces - the photographs are better protected when behind glass.  They must be framed and ready to hang.

All artists are encouraged to donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Friday evening with the option of splitting the proceeds 50/50.  Artists will receive 50% of the purchase price. The other 50% will help offset the show costs.


The rules committee reserves the right to move any entry deemed to have been registered incorrectly. The Rules Chairman will resolve questions regarding entries. Decisions of the Rules Chairman are final.


Rules and other important information
These rules and regulations are subject to change at any time before the actual show dates. 

- Open to all artists
- Entry must have been completed within the last 3 years (except Special Competition #6, Poster Competition).
- Enter as many pieces as you wish.
- Entry must not have been entered in past Reflections shows (except Special Competition #6 - Poster Competition).
- Entry must be the artist's original work (no prints).
- Work completed in a class with the help of an instructor must be so indicated on the registration form. During judging, where two pieces appear to be of equal merit, an independently completed entry will be given preference.
- Plagiarized entries will be disqualified from competition. Judge's discretion will be used for junior entries. Plagiarism includes copying another artist's work or unauthorized use of reference material. It is important that we know where reference material was from if it came from public area such as a zoo or from  a royalty free website.

Subject Matter
- Principal theme of artwork must be nature. Wildlife includes animals normally found in the wild; horses, domestic cats, dogs or livestock must be entered as domestic. Entries are not restricted to Saskatchewan or North American wildlife.
- Landscapes may include man-made objects, however the focus of the piece must be on nature.
- For the purposes of our show, humans are not considered to be natural subjects.

Skill Levels
This competition includes four skill levels:
- JUNIOR - under 18 years (4 age levels)


This competition includes artists of all ability levels. More experienced artists should compete at the Intermediate or Open level. This will ensure that the Novice levels of competition are reserved for beginning artists only. 

NOVICE: This level is designed to encourage those artists who are just at the beginning of their artistic endeavours. Artists who have not won 6 first place awards or Best of Show for their work may compete at this level. 

INTERMEDIATE: For artists who have progressed beyond the Novice level. Artists who have previously won 6 first place awards or Best of Show at the Novice level may compete at this level. 

OPEN: Open is open to all artists. Artists who have previously won 6 first place awards or Best of Show honours at the Intermediate level must compete at the Open level. 

NOTE: An artist entering more than one Event (Carving - Sculpture - Drawing - Photography) may compete at whichever level is most appropriate for their ability in that Event. However al entries within a single Event must be entered at the same level.

For example: A Novice Carver can also be an Open Painter and an Intermediate Photographer. 

Novice and Intermediate level artists may move to the next level of competition at any time but are REQUIRED to compete at the next level if they have won 4 show awards (1st, 2nd or 3rd Best of Show) at their current level. If an artist has won any ribbon at a higher level they must continue to compete at that level or above. However, after 3 years of not winning any ribbon, the competitor may choose to drop back down to a lower level.

Junior aged artists may compete at the adult level if they wish.

NOTE: This competition is composed of 4 separate adult events (Bird Carving, Sculpture & Carving, Photography and Painting & Drawing) and 3 junior events. An artist entering more than one event may compete at whichever level is most appropriate for their ability in each event. However, all of their entries within a single event must be entered at the same level.

For Example: A painter competing at the open level may have started to carve so may enter in the beginner level in the carving events. That same person may enter the photography events at the intermediate level.  

Sales and Promotions

All pieces may be offered for sale as indicated when they are registered. Sales are exclusively through the artist. Contact information is provided on the display card with the piece - or ask at the front desk for help in contacting the artist. 

Sold items must remain on display until the show closes on Sunday at 4:00 pm. unless there are extenuating circumstances and prior arrangements have been made. Buyers may pick up their purchases at that time.


- Judges are chosen on the basis of knowledge, ability and experience
- Judges may, at their discretion, decide not to award a ribbon in a particular class or division, if they feel the circumstances so dictate.

- Categories with too few entries will be combined with another to ensure the competition is a true competition and is worthwhile.

- 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons will be awards for each competitive class in every skill level.

- Winners of each skill level will compete for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Best of Division awards.

- Best of Division winners will then be judged to determine the Best of Show winner in each of the five Events in each skill level.
Judges will be available during the festival to offer critiques to the artists who enter the competitions.

- Artists are invited to be present during Friday's judging, but must remain silent during this process. Judging is closed to the general public.

- Artists are encouraged to speak to the judges during the show on Saturday or Sunday for critiques of their work and an explanation of the judges' decisions.

- Judges may enter the show, but they will not be judging that skill level. 

NOTE:  If winning artists wish to donate their ribbons back to the show for reuse next year, please leave them at the front desk when you pick up your work on Sunday.

- Adult two-dimensional entries must be framed and strung with STRONG wire (string and aluminum wire are not acceptable).
- Click here for information about wiring your piece 

Wiring supplies will be available for a $5.00 fee. 

- Junior competitors only - Events 5 & 6 - entries may be framed or matted and backed. Framed pieces must conform to regulations above. Unframed pieces must be firmly attached to a stable backer such as foam-core. Please not that, although we handle carefully, unframed pieces are more prone to damage.

- Back of each entry must be clearly labeled with the artist's name and title of work
- Artwork entered in this competition will be displayed as appropriately as circumstances allow.
- Vertical and horizontal dimensions may not exceed 42 inches (including frame) for all pieces to be hung.
- All entries must remain on display until 4:00 Sunday. Artists must arrange to have their work picked up between 4:00 and 4:30. For security reasons, no piece may be removed without being accompanied by a committee member. Receipt stubs are required.


Registration and Pick-up Procedures
Drop-off:  Local entries must be registered between noon and 8:00 pm on Thursday to Prairieland Park, Hall C. Artists travelling to our show from a long distance may register between 8:00 and 9:00 am on Friday. We cannot receive mail-in entries, however, you may make arrangements for someone else to enter and/or pick up your work. All entries must first e checked through registration where they will receive a receipt stub for their artwork. Although pre-registration officials will assist you in class selection, artists are responsible for entering their work in the correct class. Works may be judged with prejudice if the piece does not match the class criteria.

Pick-up:  No artwork may be removed prior to 4:00 pm Sunday. At 4:00 the show area will be cleared of everyone except show personnel. Artists will be re-admitted in an orderly fashion to retrieve their artwork by showing their receipt stub to the show personnel.  Artists can make arrangements to have someone else pick up their work by producing the artwork receipt stub.  If a sale has been made during the festival the purchaser may pick up the work by producing the artwork receipt stub.

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