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Event #1 - Bird Carving - Novice, Intermediate and Open Levels

Entries must be primarily of wood - other materials may be used for strength only 
Must be entirely made by the entrant (exception—commercially made eyes) 
Cast feet allowed only at novice level 

Division A - Decorative Life-Size Decoys (Flat Bottom)
- Live bird will be the standard for judging
- Entries will NOT be floated
- Mid-size bird carvings are to be in Division B

Class 1: All ducks, geese and confidence

Division AA - Contemporary Life-Size Decoys
- Not floated
- No fine texturing or burning allowed
- Unlimited painting encouraged
- Judging for likeness to species, artistry, realism, pose and posture
- Overly sturdy tails and wingtips not necessary

Class 1: All ducks, geese and confidence
Class 2: Shorebirds not entered in Division D, Class 2

Division B - Decorative Life-Size Bird Carvings
- Live bird will be the standard for judging
- Multiple subjects allowed
- Must include habitat or suitable base
- All poses will be judged together

Class 1: Songbirds
Class 2: Birds of prey
Class 3: All other species
Class 4: Mid-size (all species) for carvings between 1/2 and life-size or entries too large to qualify as miniatures. Flat bottom decoy style water fowl should be entered in this class (will not be floated).

Division C - Decorative Miniature Bird Carvings
- Live bird will be the standard for judging
- Must be 1/2 life-size or smaller
- Bird maximum 8" (breast to upper-tail coverts)
- Must include habitat or suitable base
- Multiple subjects allowed

Class 1: Miniature flat-bottom decoys (must be on a base)
Class 2: Miniature songbirds
Class 3: Miniature (all other species)

Division D - Traditional Hunting Decoys
- must be hand-made (not machine duplicated)
- Suitable for actual hunting conditions
- No loose or fragile parts
- Judging will be primarily from a distance allowing character of entry to show through
- Keels; permanent, practical non-fouling weights; anchor line attachments required
- Must be impervious to water

Class 1: All ducks, geese and confidence
- Entries will reflect simple painting that can be easily repaired
- General texturing only; no individual feather detailing
- WILL BE FLOATED. Must self-right from any position and ride naturally (Geese self-right from side only)

Division DD - Contemporary Antique Decoys
- These carvings should suggest but not copy an early Canadian carving. They must meet the standards set out in Div. D for a Traditional Hunting Decoy suitable for actual hunting conditions. The appearance to strive for is that of a beautifully formed, functional decoy that has seen a number of hunting seasons.

Class 1: Ducks, geese and confidence (will be floated)
Class 2: Shorebirds


There are more carving competition opportunities in the Special Competitions.


All artists are encouraged to donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Friday evening with the option of splitting the proceeds 50/50.  Artists will receive 50% of the purchase price. The other 50% will help offset the show costs.

All competitors are encouraged to be present at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

NOTE: If winning artists wish to donate their ribbons back to the show for reuse next year, please leave them at the front desk when you pick up your work on Sunday.

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