Photography Competitions

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Competitions are open to the Novice, Intermediate and Open Levels.
When entering the competition artists would enter:
    Event # - Division - Class - Level
The artist would also indicate if the item is for sale and the sale price.

Event #3 - Photography 

May be of any natural subject 

Minimum 60 square inches of visible image required (e.g. 7x9”), (not including frame or mat). 

Vertical and horizontal dimensions may not exceed 42 inches (includes frame) 

Must be adequately mounted, framed, and ready to hang. 

All entries may be created on film or digitally 

Colour and Monochromatic will be judged together 

All alterations acceptable 

Judging emphasis on technical merit, visual impact, composition, mood, lighting and texture 

It was decided at the Sept 13 (2016) meeting that photographs do NOT need to be framed and under glass to be entered into the Reflections of Nature Show.

They should have a matt and they must be properly and securely mounted on to a backing. Velcro or a hanger will be used to hang them on the boards. We are NOT responsible from damage to the piece.   

We still accept framed pieces - the photographs show better and are  protected when behind glass. 

Division L - Mammals
- Class 1: Wildlife hoofed mammals
- Class 2: All other wildlife mammals
- Class 3: Domestic mammals

Division M - Birds
- Class 1: Waterfowl and shorebirds
- Class 2: Owls and birds of prey
- Class 3: All other birds, including domestic

Division N - All Other Nature
- Class 1: All animals not classified as bird or mammal
- Class 2: Natural landscape and florals


There are more photography competition opportunities in the Special Competitions.

All artists are encouraged to donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Friday evening with the option of splitting the proceeds 50/50.  Artists will receive 50% of the purchase price. The other 50% will help offset the show costs.

All competitors are encouraged to be present at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

NOTE: If winning artists wish to donate their ribbons back to the show for reuse next year, please leave them at the front desk when you pick up your work on Sunday.

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