Sculpture Competitions

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Competitions are open to the Novice, Intermediate and Open Levels.
When entering the competition artists would enter:
    Event # - Division - Class - Level
The artist would also indicate if the item is for sale and the sale price.


Event #2 - Sculpture 

Various media 

Must be entirely made by the entrant 
(exception—commercially made eyes) 

Cast feet allowed only at novice level 

Division E - Realistic Sculpture
- Any media
- May be of any nature subject
- Live subject will be the standard for judging
- Carved wood birds or fish should be entered in Div. K or Event 1

Class 1: Painted
Class 2: Natural Finish
Class 3: Fish

Division F - Non-Realistic Sculpture
- May be of any nature subject
- May be of any media
- Emphasis on art form, originality & artistic interpretation
- Anatomical accuracy not important

Class 1: Functional sculpture (ie: paddles, gunstocks, furniture)
Class 2: Non-functional sculpture

Division G - Relief
- Image is carved or sculpted onto or into a flat surface
- All media
- Image is carved into a flat surface
- Meant to be viewed primarily from the front
- May be of any nature subject

Class 1: Antler
Class 2: Wood
Class 3: All other media

Division H - Traditional Aboriginal Art

Class 1: All entries

Division KK - Caricatures and Fantasy
- Must represent animals or nature
- Explore the humorous side of the creatures that share our planet
- Judging will be based on originality, craftsmanship, and overall presentation

- Class 1: All entries


There are more sculpture competition opportunities in the Special Competitions.


All artists are encouraged to donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Friday evening with the option of splitting the proceeds 50/50.  Artists will receive 50% of the purchase price. The other 50% will help offset the show costs.

All competitors are encouraged to be present at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

NOTE: If winning artists wish to donate their ribbons back to the show for reuse next year, please leave them at the front desk when you pick up your work on Sunday.


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