Painting & Drawing Competitions

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Competitions are open to the Novice, Intermediate and Open Levels.
When registering the competition artists would enter:
    Event # - Division - Class - Level
The artist would also indicate if the item is for sale and the sale price.


Event #4 - Painting and Drawing 
- May be of any natural subject
- All different media judged together
- Artists encouraged to submit original hand-drawn work and to refrain from projected or traced images
- Must be original in concept and content 
- Must not taken from any unauthorized source
- Vertical and horizontal dimensions may not exceed 42 inches (including frame) for Divisions Q, R, S and T unless prior arrangements have been made
- Classes may be combined or split at the discretion of the judges
- Judges will have the option of reclassifying any piece they feel would be better placed in another class or division
- Decorative castings for Division P can be purchased
- Must be properly framed and wired (with the exception of Div. P).
- Supplies will be available (at a cost) for you to wire your piece if necessary
- Back of each entry must be clearly labeled with the artist's name and title of the work

Division O - Traditional Aboriginal Art

Division P - Decorative Artwork
- Original nature art on any three dimensional surface (e.g. paddles, rock, ceramic, etc.)

Class 1: Original Textile Art (not from commercial pattern)
             Cross stitch, wall hanging, quilts, etc.
Class 2: All other decorative entries
             Includes decorative castings - only painting will be judged

Division QA - Painting - Mammals
- Accurate in perspective and anatomy within limits of style
- Minimum image size 54 square inches

Class 1: Wild mammals - canine and feline
Class 2: All other wild mammals  
Class 3: All domestic mammals

Division QB - Painting - Birds and Other
- Accurate in perspective and anatomy within limits of style
- Minimum image size 54 square inches

Class 1: Birds
Class 2: All animals not classified as bird or mammal

Division QC - Landscapes
- Any natural landscape or floral 
- Minimum image size 54 square inches

Class 1: All landscapes and florals

Division QD -Monochromatic
- Animal or landscape
- Minimum image size 54 square inches

Class 1: All animals
Class 2: Landscapes and florals 

Division R - Miniature 
- Animal or landscape
- Max 54 sq. inches

Class 1: All animals
Class 2: Landscapes and florals

Division S - Non-Realistic
- Emphasis on "the essence or spirit of the subject" NOT anatomical correctness
- Style is of utmost importance
- Examples: abstract, cubism, surrealism

Class 1: Caricature
Class 2: Fantasy
Class 3: All other

Division T - Digital 
- Original digitally created art
- Original work created using art-oriented software such as CorelPainter, Artrage, Sketchbook Pro, Artweaver, StudioArtist, PhotoShop, etc.
- NOTE: Pieces entered in this division are NOT digitally enhanced photos. 

Class 1: All entries

There are more painting & drawing competition opportunities. 
Click here to go to the Special Competitions. 

- Competition #4 Nature Stamp Painting & Drawing Competition
- Competition #6 Poster Challenge for SWAA members only

All artists are encouraged to: 
- donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Friday evening 
- attend the Gala Opening on Friday evening 
- participate in the Quick Draw on Sunday morning
- be present at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 pm.


A special thank you to the sponsors of the Painting & Drawing Competitions. Their sponsorship helps pay for the displays, the ribbons, the judging, signage, etc. The sponsor's names are added to this list as they are confirmed each year. 

Tania Nault
Junior Competition 
Award Sponsor
Harvey Rebalkin
Pat Grove Memorial 
Award Sponsor

Pat Grove Memorial Award (sponsored by Harvey Rebalkin)

The Pat Groves Memorial Award was established in 2014. The artist winning the Best in Show in the Open Level of Event #4 (Painting & Drawing) will recieve a $100.00 cash award. This award is sponsored by Harvey Rebalkin in Pat's memory. Pat had been the Reflections Show Chair for a number of years. She was a versatile artist (painting & drawing) and photographer and in the last years had started carving. 

NOTE: If winning artists wish to donate their ribbons back to the show for reuse next year, please leave them at the front desk when you pick up your work on Sunday.

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