Art Displays

Non-competitive art displays include Artist Trading Cards, Members' Slideshow and Booths

Volunteers who have been involved with the Planning Committee or those who volunteer at the show will have the opportunity to display their work wherever it fits into the displays to ensure that the show offers more to see without blank spaces on the boards or tables. It is easy to be on the planning committee - just come out to the planning meetings.

Members of SWAA will have a large booth to sell small items such as miniatures, reproductions & cards with 10% of any sales going back to the show.

Artist Trading Cards
We brought them in for the 2018 show and they will be here for 2022 

Artist trading cards are unique works signed and dated on the reverse by the artist.  They are 2 12 by 3 12 inches (64 mm × 89 mm) and are meant to be exchanged and collected - the same as baseball cards. Artists can submit their card(s); they will be displayed during the show; at the end of the show the cards will randomly be given out to the artists. If any artist wants to collect more than one card - they can submit more than one card. 

There will be two categories - original paintings and original photographs. If you enter an original painting, you will get a painting back. If a photograph is entered, it will be traded for a photograph. 

Find out more about Artist Trading Cards on Wikipedia at

If a Canadian artist is not going to be there they can mail in their card with a self addressed stamped envelope to: Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association, Box 910, Martensville, SK. S0K 2T0. 

NOTE that a card will be mailed back in that envelope - so if the artist wants it to be a padded envelope, or an envelope with an extra cardboard for protection - that envelope must be what they send. If the artist feels confident that the card will arrive safely without extra reinforcement a simple envelope will be fine. 

The self-addressed envelope is to have a "Canadian" postage stamp.

All artists are encouraged to: 
- donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Saturday evening 
- attend the Gala Opening on Saturday evening 
- participate in the Quick Carve, Quick Burn or Quick Draw on Sunday morning
- be present at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 pm.


There are many competition opportunities. 

Carving - Sculpture - Photography - Painting & Drawing 


* Updated April 24, 2021

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