All artists are encouraged to be present at the Awards Presentation on Sunday at 3:00 pm.


Memorial Awards

The Pat Grove Memorial Award was established in 2014. The artist winning the Best in Show in the Open Level of Event #4 (Painting & Drawing) will receive a $100.00 cash award. This award is sponsored by Harvey Rebalkin in Pat's memory.

Beginning in 2018 we will have awards in each of the Events (Carving, Sculpture, Photography & Painting & Drawing) for the Best in Show for each level:

$ 100 Best in Show Open
$  75  Best in Show Intermediate
$  50  Best in Show Novice

NOTE: The Best in Show Open for Painting & Drawing will remain as the Pat Grove Memorial Award sponsored by Harvey Rebalkin

The other awards will be in honour of various people for that particular year.

Junior Event Awards
Cash awards are once again given to the Best of Show winners in each of the three Junior Events.
- Junior Painting & Drawing (Bill Haussecker Memorial Award)
Sponsored by Tania Nault
- Junior Carving & Sculpture (Bill Hazzard Memorial Award)
Sponsored by Leroy & Rina Royer
- Junior Photography (John Bissett Memorial Award)
Sponsored by Gail Bissett

The awards in each event will be:
- 1st Best in Show - $100.00
- 2nd Best in Show - $75.00
- 3rd Best in Show - $25.00


Peoples' Choice Award
Visitors to the Reflections Art Festival will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece. 


Purchase Awards
Sponsors interested in purchasing art have the opportunity to offer a special purchase award at the Reflections Art Festival. Artists enter pieces into a special competition with the hope of winning that competition and selling their art at the purchase award price.

Wildlife in Action Photo Competition - $250
Sponsored by Razertip Industries Incorporated
A framed photo of one or more wildlife subjects in action.

In all purchase award competitions, the sponsor has the right to decline the judges' choice and make their own selection. If this should be the case, the judges' selection will retain its first place ranking and the ribbon; however, the sponsor's selection will receive the cash purchase award. The sponsor may also decline all entries, in which case the cash award will not be presented.

All reproduction rights remain with the artist.

Two-dimensional entries must be framed to a quality reflecting the prestige of the award.


Special Competition Awards
The Special Competition winners will receive their awards during this ceremony.

Special Comp #1 - Our Backyard - Photography Competition
-  Registration fee: $20
 - Theme for 2018 is Living Skies
 - $100 for 1st - $75 for 2nd - $50 for 3rd

Special Comp #3 - Miniature Photography
- No registration fee
- Nature Stamp Photographs 
- Piece is sold at Sunday's auction with proceeds going to SWAA

- $25 for winner

Special Comp #4 - Miniature Painting & Drawing
- No registration fee
- Nature Stamp Paintings 
- Piece is sold at Sunday's auction with proceeds going to SWAA
- $25 for winner

Special Comp #5 - Miniature - Cocktail Glass Carvings 
- No registration fee
- Piece is sold at Sunday's auction with proceeds going to SWAA
- $25 for winner

Special Comp #6 - Poster Challenge
-  Registration fee: $20
 - open to SWAA members only
 - can be either 2D or 3D
 - $100

Special Comp #7 - Wildlife in Action Photography
-  Registration fee: $20
- Purchase Award
- Sponsored by Razertip Industries Inc.
- $250 goes to the photographer for the purchase of the photo

Special Comp #8 - Cane or Walking Stick
-  Registration fee: $20
 - Sponsored by Christopher Moore Financial Services, Sunlife Financial
 - $150 for 1st and $75 for 2nd 

Special Comp #9 - Upcycled into Art
-  Registration fee: $20
 - $150 for 1st

 Click here for more details: Special Competitions.



Artwork is classified as it is submitted to the show: 
- Event (Bird Carving - Sculpture - Photography - Painting & Drawing - Junior)
- Division (A - Z)
- Class (1 - 4)
- Level (Beginner - Intermediate - Open)

Ribbons are awarded starting with:
1st - 2nd - 3rd in each class at each level in each division in all events

Those pieces are then judged for the Best in Division Ribbons:
1st - 2nd - 3rd in each Division at each level (those pieces will now have 2 ribbons)

Note:  To ensure that there is always representation from each class when a piece is selected to get a ribbon, the 2nd place piece from that class is moved up to replace it before proceeding to the next level of judging.

The Best in Division pieces are then judged to receive the Best in Show:
1st - 2nd - 3rd in each Event  (these pieces now have 3 ribbons)


NOTE:  If winning artists wish to donate their ribbons back to the show for reuse next year, please leave them at the front desk when you pick up your work on Sunday.


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