Quick Draw

Quick Draw: In-show drawing competition
(2 events: Adult and Junior 17 & under)
Sunday 9:00 am - noon

Free enrollment:
Sign-up at registration on Thursday or if you are unable to do that, simply show up at 9am on Sunday.

Supplies to bring:
Drawing and/or painting supplies, reference material (can be 2 or 3 dimensional but must be non-copyrighted). 

Some reference material will be provided as well as pencils and paper. Bring your own supplies if you prefer a specific media and/or framing.

All participating artists will have 3 hours to complete their painting or drawing. Finished works will be judged and ribbons awarded.

All adult entries will be auctioned after the Miniatures Auction.

Artists may elect to receive a 50/50 split or may donate full proceeds to help offset show expenses. Juniors may donate their entries if they wish. 

Members of the public enjoy visiting with the artists and seeing the progress of the varied pieces while artists enjoy working side-by-side. 

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