Organizing Committee

The Reflections Organizing Committee normally meets the second Tuesday of each month.

2017 Committee Officers:

Chair:  Beth Campbell

Co-chair:  Robyn Magera

Secretary: Judy Kasdorf

Treasurer: Connie & Brian McConnell

Show Guide: Sheri Gordon & Holly Edwards

Judges: Reuben Unger, Sharon Walker, Harvey Rebalkin

Ribbons: Holly Edwards

Booths: John Waddington & Jack Magera

Sponsorships: Beth Campbell 

Gala Opening: 

Auctions: Holly Edwards & Lori Merkle

Advertising: Harvey Rebalkin & Cam Merkle
   Graphics - Cam Merkle
   Advertising Print Media - Harvey Rebalkin
   Posters and Printing - Cam Merkle
   Radio, TV - 
   Poster and Rules Distribution 
   Outside Displays 

Signage: Beth Campbell

 - Data Base
 - Mailout
 - Stats
 - Results



Photographer: Wayne Keating

Registration: Audrey Boyd & Lola Hingtgen

Workshops: Beth Campbell

Volunteers: Audrey Boyd & Beth Campbell

Feature Artist: Beth Campbell will contact

Quick Draw: 

Pin Carving:

Photo Slideshow

Art Demo's

SWAA Booth

NOTE:  There are a number of empty positions.  Please let Beth Campbell know if  you are able to help out with anything. 

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