John Perret

John Perret BEd, CPA MPA
Light Line Photography
719 Lansdowne Ave
Saskatoon, SK Canada
S7N 1E4

306 242-0804

John lives in Saskatoon but has traveled extensively throughout Saskatchewan and North America photographing the natural beauty of the landscape. He has taught for 30 years and has gained important knowledge in photography, graphic arts and the visual arts. 

A practicing photographer, he has published a book on prairie landscapes called "Saskatchewan In Sight" published by Fifth House. John has more recently contributed photographs to the book by Bill Waiser "A World We Have Lost". He has images accepted to exhibition in Bogota, Columbia as well as in China. 
Numerous awards have shown John is one of the top photographers in Canada and has had images accepted to the PPOC National Loan Collection and Getty Images in the United States. 

John owns and operates a business called Light Line Photography. His photographs include landscape work, commercial, illustrative, and gallery work. Marketing images through a digital medium has become a part of his life. His business has grown and now includes a division for book publishing. His latest book, "Love This Saskatchewan" is on the market and being met with great success. His goal is to continue producing the most outstanding photographic images nature has to offer.

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