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Friday - prior to show 
Event Registration
Register and deliver your artwork 
from Noon - 8:00 
Prairieland Park, Hall C.

We cannot accept entries via mail. 

The exception to this is the 2018 inclusion of Artist Trading Cards in the show. Artists who wish to collect other artist cards can mail their card in to the show along with a Canadian postage paid self-addressed envelope. The cards will be displayed during the show and a random card will be sent back to them after the show. 

The cost to enter is:
- $8./piece for Juniors
- $8./ piece for members
- $12./piece for non-members
- $20/piece for special competitions (excluding Purchase Awards)
- $25./piece for purchase award entries
Payment: Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard

Click here to see Competitions Outline

Judges will be available during the festival to offer critiques to the artists who enter the competitions.

All pieces may be offered for sale as indicated when they are registered. Sales are exclusively through the artist. Artists are welcome to include their business cards and/or contact information by their piece AFTER the judging has been completed. Sold items must remain on display until the show closes.

Competitions are open to the Novice, Intermediate and Open Levels.
When entering the competition artists would enter:
    Event # - Division - Class - Level


This competition includes artists of all ability levels. More experienced artists should compete at the Intermediate or Open level. This will ensure that the Novice levels of competition are reserved for beginning artists only. 

NOVICE: This level is designed to encourage those artists who are just at the beginning of their artistic endeavours. Artists who have not won 6 first place awards or Best of Show for their work may compete at this level. 

INTERMEDIATE: For artists who have progressed beyond the Novice level. Artists who have previously won 6 first place awards or Best of Show at the Novice level may compete at this level. 

OPEN: Open is open to all artists. Artists who have previously won 6 first place awards or Best of Show honours at the Intermediate level must compete at the Open level. 

NOTE: An artist entering more than one Event (Carving - Sculpture - Drawing - Photography) may compete at whichever level is most appropriate for their ability in that Event. However al entries within a single Event must be entered at the same level.

For example: A Novice Carver can also be an Open Painter and an Intermediate Photographer. 

The artist would also indicate if the item is for sale and the sale price.

Artists are permitted to display their business cards AFTER the judging is complete. 

Saturday & Sunday during the show 
Artists have the opportunity to ask for a free critique of their work.

Sunday of show 
Awards Ceremony
Artists are encouraged to attend the awards ceremony starting on Sunday at 2:00. 

Pick up artwork - Sunday 4:00pm
After the Awards Presentation the room will be cleared and participants will line up for entry retrieval (takes about 20 minutes). No pieces will be removed prior to this time. Must be accompanied by Committee member and have receipt stub for all entries to ensure that pieces go to the correct homes.

All artists are encouraged to donate additional pieces to the live and silent auctions Saturday evening with the option of splitting the proceeds 50/50.  Artists will receive 50% of the purchase price. The other 50% will help offset the show costs. This is an "artist friendly auction" - artists can stipulate a minimum bid to ensure that their work is sold at a fair price.

All competitors are encouraged to be present at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 pm.

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