Art Sales & Promotions

Competition Pieces

If your piece being entered into competition is also for sale, please indicate that on your entry form. All sales are exclusively through the artist. The contact information and prices will be on the display card with the piece, or ask at the SWAA booth for help in contacting the artist. 

All competition pieces MUST REMAIN ON DISPLAY until the end of the show on Sunday at 4:00 pm. Buyers may pick up their purchases at this time. 

Artists may display their business cards by their work AFTER ALL JUDGING IS COMPLETED. 

Display only Pieces

Contact Beth Campbell by SEPT 30 to book your display only panel or table.

All "display only" panels or tables must maintain the appearance of being complete for the entire show. This means that a piece can be sold as long as another piece can replace it, or the display can be rearranged to give the impression of being a complete display. Keep in mind that these displays are meant to be for "display only".  Artists who want to actively sell their work at the show are encouraged to rent a booth for the weekend. 

If an artist wants to be in attendance by their display for the entire show it is recommended that a booth is used instead of renting a panel or table. The panel or table is being offered to display, not for sales. Artists are allowed to split a booth.

Only original work can be entered on the display only panels or tables. Reproductions can be sold by rented a booth space.

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