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The 2018 judges are currently being selected. If anyone is interested in becoming a judge or helping as a runner or recorder contact Beth Campbell.

See more about the judging procedures at the bottom of this page beneath the list of judges.

The "Runners" hang the ribbons; the recorders record the results in a binder. 


Event #1 - Bird Carving

   Team A: Novice & Intermediate - 2017


Reuben Unger
Bob Steele
Austin Eade
Runners and Recorders

Diane Craven 
Gail Kopp   

     Team B: Open - 2017

Bob Lavender
Glen Maber
Leroy Royer
Runners and Recorders

Bob Gander

John Waddington

Event # 2 - Sculpture - 2017


Byron Crabb
Craig Hubbard
Denyse Klett
Runners and Recorders    
Beth Crabb
Carmen Steele

Event # 3 - Photography - 2017

   Team A - Novice & Intermediate

Sharon Walker
Lloyd Litwin
Ruth Thiessen  

Runners and Recorders                        
Shirley Eade   
Rina Royer

   Team B - Open - 2017 

Wayne Keating
John Perret
Emily Schindel

Runners and Recorders
Harvey Rebalkin
Stan Holmes

Event # 4 - Painting & Drawing - 2017

    Team A - Novice & Intermediate - 2017

Paulette Saperiga
Brenda Angelstad
Kathy Bradshaw

Runners and Recorders
Terry Minter
Lola Hingtgen

    Team B - Open - 2017

Jacqueline Miller
Joan Foulston
Sarah Lightfood Wagner

Runners and Recorders

Eileen Greer
Debbie Kowalchuk

All Junior Competitions - 2017

Holly Edwards
Diane Greenhorn
Sheri Gordon

Runners and Recorders

James Gordon
Brenda (Judy's friend)


Ernie Scoles
Rich Francis
Helen Oro

Runners and Recorders



- Judges are chosen on the basis of knowledge, ability and experience

- Judges and/or the committee may choose to combine divisions if there are too few entries in a particular division.  For example: if there is only 1 monochromatic painting in the monochromatic division it will be moved to the next most appropriate class. 

- Judges may, at their discretion, decide not to award a ribbon in a particular class or division, if they feel the circumstances so dictate.

- 1st, 2nd & 3rd place ribbons will be awards for each competitive class in every skill level.

- Winners of each skill level will compete for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Best of Division awards.

- Best of Division winners will then be judged to determine the Best of Show winner in each of the five Events in each skill level.

Ribbons are awarded starting with:
1st - 2nd - 3rd in each class at each level in each division in all events

Those pieces are then judged for the Best in Division Ribbons:
1st - 2nd - 3rd in each Division at each level (those pieces will now have 2 ribbons)

The Best in Division pieces are then judged to receive the Best in Show:
1st - 2nd - 3rd in each Event  (these pieces now have 3 ribbons)

Note:  To ensure that there is always representation from each class when a piece is selected to get a ribbon, the 2nd place piece from that class is moved up to replace it before proceeding to the next level of judging.

Judges will be available during the festival to offer critiques to the artists who enter the competitions.

- Artists are invited to be present during Friday's judging, but must remain silent during this process. Judging is closed to the general public.

- Artists are encouraged to speak to the judges during the show on Saturday or Sunday for critiques of their work and an explanation of the judges' decisions.

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